Birthday Breasts!


I recently attended a friend’s birthday celebration in the East Village.  Before the party I stopped by my favorite Italian bakery, De Robertis to pick up a festive birthday surprise.


De Robertis was established in 1904 and has been featured in many movies and tv shows (Broken English, SATC – season 1, etc..).  They used to have a wall of celebrity signed portraits, but I think that went in the way of renovations.  I prefer it over the possibly more famous Venieros, which is on the next block.


Now I hope that anyone who is reading this and doesn’t know me won’t get the wrong idea (I am definitely not perverted), but I bought my friend a set of breasts (called Cassatine Sicilane).  I highly recommend the breasts as a fun party present.  They are comical and they taste good too!  The breats are composed of ricotta cheese with mini chocolate chips over a thin layer of pound cake, topped with a candied cherry and covered in a layer of marzipan and fondant.  The breasts cost $3.50 a piece.  My only disclaimer is that they are very sweet, so a little goes a long way.  The breasts fell when the birthday girl was displaying them so they don’t look so hot in the below photo, but luckily they fell wrapper side down, and we probably would have followed the five second rule anyway…haha.

My friend showing off the breasts

The birthday girl showing off the breasts



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4 responses to “Birthday Breasts!

  1. Oh my lord! I definetly know people who would get a kick out of those. And I can’t eeven bring myself to join the feel your boobies facebook cause!

  2. wait wasn’t it angels and kings? haha the boobs were awesome. aaaand i should be studying….

  3. roseofbohemia


    Melissa – I wouldn’t join a group with that name either (I’m actually a huge prude).

    Monk – Haha…thanks, you’re right! I’m changing it now.

  4. liz

    i can’t believe they sold (and you bought) breasts, to eat. hahaha

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