Beirut in Williamsburg


This past week I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite Balkan-inspired indie rock band Beirut perform at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (thanks M.A. for the ticket!).  I attended with two friends from college, one of whom came all the way from B’more for the concert.  We arrived several hours early, so we had choice standing spots directly in front of the stage.

Tune Yards had tape across the front of her face (possibly for sound effects?).  The rest of her band also wore tape when they joined her later.  Has anyone seen this before?/know what the tape is for?

An incredibly talented musician named Merril Garbus, who performs under the name Tune Yards, opened the show.  She sang, played the ukulele, and made interesting noises and even more interesting facial expressions.  She was also sweet and seemed honored to be opening for Beirut.  After Tune Yards, the band Inlet played, which my friend aptly described as “Sufjan Stevens on codeine.”  Their music was pleasant, but they seemed spaced out and not particularly enthused to be there.


Beirut went on at 11:06 (my friends made a bet) and Zach Condon and Co. did not disappoint.  They played a good mix of old and new music (although no Carousels:() and performed not one, but two encores!  I am happy to report that Zack also seemed nice.  He apologized to the audience when the band ran out of rehearsed songs from the set list and then scattered it over the crowd.  A more extensive review of the concert can be found here.


Getting into it

Getting into it

Taking a break

Taking a break

Zach has identical French horn tattoos on both wrists.  They're a little large for my taste, but they looked good/appropriate on him.

Zach has identical French horn tattoos on both wrists. They’re a little large for my taste, but they looked good/appropriate on him.

My favorite Beirut songs:

* Elephant Gun

* Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)

*  Carousels

* Scenic World

* The Long Island Sound

* My Family’s Role in the Revolution

* Nantes

* Knives and Forks (La Fête)

* My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille

* A Sunday Smile

* Guyamas Sonora

* Santa Fe

* A Candle’s Fire



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5 responses to “Beirut in Williamsburg

  1. Melissa

    Your pictures of the show are AMAZING! I tried to “steal” them from you by right clicking and saving them into my pictures, but that didn’t seem to work from this site. No rush, but do you think you could email them to me sometime? Or, I guess that could be another of many reasons for me to come to NYC with my flash drive and get ’em that way, haha.

    Also, your posting was well-timed. I was sorta bummed out, and then checked this out, which incited instant happiness!

  2. roseofbohemia

    Hi Melissa!

    I’m sorry to hear you were feeling down today, but I’m glad you liked the photos. I’ll email them to you tomorrow (I have a lot more, but I edited them down for the blog b/c I didn’t think anyone else would care to see so many photos of Beirut).

  3. I haven’t heard of this band, but you usually have great taste in music!

  4. Adam Morgan

    Those are hunting horns not french horns…

  5. Whoa! This post randomly popped up in my blog news feed as “recently posted” — love the good memories of this concert!

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