Fashion Week Part I – Inside the Tents

Front Row - Fall 2008

Front Row – Fall 2008

Sorry, this post is a bit outdated, but I had a busy week!

My parents are both photographers, so I have been attending Fashion Week for as long as I can remember (my mother actually threatened a PR woman that she would give birth to me on the runway if she was not give a seat at a show because she was working right up until she had me).  This year I could only go to one show because I had so much school work 😦  I picked Hervé Léger because I love the clothes and I thought there would be some good celeb sightings.  Before reviewing the show, I want to do a walk through the tents for those of you who have never been to Fashion Week.

Spring 2009 Collections (last fall)

Spring 2009 Collections (last fall)

Fashion Week is held in three tents in Bryant Park (the Promenade, the Tent, and the Salon).


Crowds waiting to spot celebs

Crowds waiting to spot celebs


the lobby can get zooish

the lobby can get zooish

Mercedes-Benz is the official sponsor of Fashion Week, so there are always cars at both sides of the lobby entrance.  They are random and ignored by the crowds, but I have sat on the carpeted areas to regroup/people watch when the cafe is full.  You can pick up an unlimited number of free fashion and news publications in the lobby.


Mattel was a sponsor this year, so there was a huge Barbie at Fifty display in the center or the room, which also has TV monitors where you can watch shows if you didn’t make it in (you will also have a better view of the show from the screens than inside).


The Council of Fashion Designers of America (“CFDA”) Health Initiative booth is notorious for being empty.  I decided to stop by and see what they had to offer.  They were giving out Renfrew Center brochures and selling yoga mats for $40. along with some not so attractive scarves and other accessories.  While I think it’s well intentioned, I can’t see the booth having any effect on the industry, but maybe I’m just being harsh.


Other sponsors have booths around the lobby where they usually give out free products.  There is always a coffee sponsor, which in the past has been Nespresso or La Columbe (my personal favorite).  This year’s caffeine fix was provided by McD’s, which is a sign of the times.  Although I am not a fan of the chain, I give them credit for having the most generous selection of free coffee drinks I’ve ever seen.  In addition to plain coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes, they had special drinks and a variety of syrups you could add.  I skipped the special drinks in lieu of iced espresso, but it was decent.


The barista's shirts were hilarious!

The barista’s shirts were hilarious!

For the past few years you could design your own Havaianas at the Havaiana booth.  There was always a ridiculously long line so after the first year I never bothered getting them (I also prefer Reefs because cotton breaths better than plastic).  This year instead of doing something so time intensive, they had a wheel that you could spin for a Havaiana’s key chain or a bag of jelly candy.  I skipped it.


MAC is a sponsor and in the past they have done make up touch ups at their booth.  This year there was just a sign.


Tresemmé is also a sponsor and was giving out free products and styling at their booth.


The Witchcraft Cafe is the only place to find food in the tents unless you’re backstage at a show where they have catering.  Although I initially thought the sandwiches were overpriced, I had the best tuna sandwich ever there and it was huge, so it was worth the cost (although I would have preferred it to be smaller and less money).


Next to the cafe is the best booth, which is the open bar that starts after 5:00.  It is well taken advantage of by all.

the bar

Free bar


People watching is the BEST part of Fashion Week

People watching is my favorite part of Fashion Week

more interestingly dressed people

More interestingly dressed people


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  1. margrocks

    i want that peach dress w/ the ruffles that girl at the laptop has on!

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