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Size Ate

Margaux used these interesting props throughout the show

Size Ate props

This past week I saw Size Ate at Barnard, which was sponsored by the school in honor of Women’s History Month. Size Ate is an autobiographical one-woman show written and performed by the extremely talented Margaux Laskey about “one woman’s search for the perfect fit.”  It opened off-off broadway and Margaux now performs at colleges around the country (you can also book the show).  Size Ate was funny and also poignant at times. I only wish it was longer! Thank you Margaux for putting me on the guest list 🙂


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Target First Saturday


Saturday night I attended Target’s First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which is probably my favorite free event.  The first Saturday of every month the museum is open until 11 and has free music, movies, lectures, and other programing (sponsored by Target).  Although everything except the bar and cafe are free, you have to go early (activities begin at 5) to get tickets for the movies and lectures.  You can still enjoy the music/dance party, and art without tickets, which is what I did with my friends.


The current main exhibit is The Black List Project by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.  Greenfield-Sanders photographed twenty-five prominent African Americans and filmed them in an accompanying documentary.  Greenfield-Sanders uses a 20X24 Polaroid camera to create his signature large format portraits.  There are only six 20X24 cameras in the world and you can rent them for the day at three international Polaroid studios (my mother rented the camera at the NY studio when I was in middle school and did portraits of our friends and family).


I asked my mother why the majority of Greenfield-Sander’s subjects look unhappy because he took her portrait when she participated in a workshop with him.  She said he tells subjects not to smile because it isn’t natural.  He instructs you to “smile with the eyes.”  He also asks subjects to wear a piece of jewelry to make the portraits more personal.

DJ Sabine

DJ Sabine

Target First Saturday always has a theme and this month it was “Celebrate Women’s Power.”  The dance party featured afro-tech music spun by DJ Sabine.  There was also a live female jazz singer in the lobby, but we missed most of her performance when we were seeing the exhibits.


The Dance Party

Dippin dots reminded me of theme park day at camp

Dippin’ dots reminded me of theme park day at camp

The BMA is known for their Egyptian wing.

The colors in the main room look Disney-esque to me.

The colors in the main room look Disney-esque to me.

Some works I like from the BMA’s contemporary art collection:

Mickalene Thomas, A Little Taste Outside of Love, 2007

Mickalene Thomas, A Little Taste Outside of Love, 2007

enamel and rhinestones on wood

enamel and rhinestones on painted wood

There is no artist statement with this.  I love the textures!

Hew Locke

Hew Locke, Koh-i-noor, 2005

Do you see the doll's head?

Can you spot the doll’s head?

This mixed-media sculpture of Queen Elizabeth explores the relationship between contemporary Britain and its colonial past.


Near the museum I passed Cafe Shane, which is now serving chicken and waffles.  That combo sounds nasty to moi, but I’m partial to the name (I mentioned earlier my real name isn’t Rose…hint hint).


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Welcome to DUMBO!


DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge and it is a former industrial turned yuppish neighborhood.  I am not particularly qualified to give a tour of DUMBO because everything I know about the neighborhood I’ve discovered from walking around myself.  Then again, I don’t think there’s a lot there, so I’ve tried to capture it all below for those of you who don’t live nearby (please let me know in the comments if I’m leaving out any quintessential DUMBO spots).


I initially found DUMBO disappointing.  I first heard of the neighborhood when a family friend’s son, who is an artist was renting a studio there, so I was expecting it to have lots of boutiques and galleries.  Instead, it is the most gentrified neighborhood I’ve ever seen, but it’s growing on me.  It’s also the closest neighborhood within walking distance from my apartment so I go there whenever I need a change of scenery.


DUMBO begins at the end of the Brooklyn Heights promenade.  To enter from Brooklyn Heights, you walk beneath an under path that is part of the Watchtower (the Jehovah’s Witness headquarters).


The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and the River Cafe overlook the water.  I think the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is cute, but it could be better if they had more inventive flavors.  I also wish they offered smaller portions for smaller prices (a single scoop is $3.50, but it’s more like 2+ scoops).


The River Cafe and water taxi stand

I’ve never been to the River Cafe, but it’s supposed to be one of the most romantic restaurants in New York.  Dinner is prix fix only for $98. per person, so I don’t anticipate going there anytime soon.

the South Street Seaport

View of the South Street Seaport, Manhattan

Although I complained that DUMBO isn’t artsy, there are some good entertainment venues.  I haven’t been to the St. Ann’s Warehouse (a theater), but it looks nice.

I have another version of this photo sans people, but I used this one because they look like Brooklynites

I have another version of this photo sans people, but I’m using this one because they are probably Brooklynites

The Galapagos Art Space is a performance space and bar.  I’ve been a few parties there and I liked it.  I also saw an entertaining burlesque show at their old location in Williamsburg.  I am going to go to another one and blog about it in the future.


I LOVE carousels!  Once I went on the carousel at B’more’s Inner Harbor six time consecutively (possibly more…I was with a child and she wanted to keep going, so I couldn’t say no).  Jane’s Carousel (c. 1922) in DUMBO was the first carousel on the National Registrar of Historic Places, but it’s currently nonfunctional.  It is owned by a couple who are in negotiations to move it to a soon to be built pavilion in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


Jacques Torres Chocolate store and factory reminds me of a sophisticated version of Willy Wonka’s.  I tried the famous Wicket Hot Chocolate (with chili peppers!) at the West Village location and I thought it was GROSS, but I don’t like very spicy food, so I shouldn’t fault the product.


I’ve never been to Almondine (a French bakery across the street), but it’s written up a lot in articles about DUMBO.


The waterfront parks around Dumbo are empty and they have spectacular views of Manhattan.



This is a condo in Dumbo.  On the ground floor there an outpost of the Tribeca restaurant Bubby’s.  I’ve never been there, but I would like to try the Manhattan location because it’s popular with celebrities (and famous for pie and brunch).


There are a lot of former warehouses and factories.

ugly industrial buildings

Ugly industrial buildings

The Eagle Warehouse and Storage Co. is another condo/loft building.


Gossip Girl filming location

Grimaldi’s is the most famous pizza parlor in Brooklyn.  Although I don’t like pizza much, I would be interested in trying it because its supposedly one of the best pizza places in New York and the world and I like to try everything once.  Notice the velvet rope…it’s THAT popular.


I might do another post about the Brooklyn Flea, but it's not that exciting...just a big flea market that's moved to DUMBO for the winter

I might do another post about the Brooklyn Flea, but it’s not that exciting…just a big flea market that moved from Fort Greene to DUMBO for the winter

I didn’t photograph Starbucks, West Elm, or Bo Concept, but they’re there too.  While I like all those stores, you certainly don’t need to go out to Brooklyn to visit them.  That pretty much sums up DUMBO.

more typical buildings...peas and pickles is a funny name for a grocery

More condos buildings…Peas and Pickles is a funny name for a grocery


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