Target First Saturday


Saturday night I attended Target’s First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which is probably my favorite free event.  The first Saturday of every month the museum is open until 11 and has free music, movies, lectures, and other programing (sponsored by Target).  Although everything except the bar and cafe are free, you have to go early (activities begin at 5) to get tickets for the movies and lectures.  You can still enjoy the music/dance party, and art without tickets, which is what I did with my friends.


The current main exhibit is The Black List Project by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.  Greenfield-Sanders photographed twenty-five prominent African Americans and filmed them in an accompanying documentary.  Greenfield-Sanders uses a 20X24 Polaroid camera to create his signature large format portraits.  There are only six 20X24 cameras in the world and you can rent them for the day at three international Polaroid studios (my mother rented the camera at the NY studio when I was in middle school and did portraits of our friends and family).


I asked my mother why the majority of Greenfield-Sander’s subjects look unhappy because he took her portrait when she participated in a workshop with him.  She said he tells subjects not to smile because it isn’t natural.  He instructs you to “smile with the eyes.”  He also asks subjects to wear a piece of jewelry to make the portraits more personal.

DJ Sabine

DJ Sabine

Target First Saturday always has a theme and this month it was “Celebrate Women’s Power.”  The dance party featured afro-tech music spun by DJ Sabine.  There was also a live female jazz singer in the lobby, but we missed most of her performance when we were seeing the exhibits.


The Dance Party

Dippin dots reminded me of theme park day at camp

Dippin’ dots reminded me of theme park day at camp

The BMA is known for their Egyptian wing.

The colors in the main room look Disney-esque to me.

The colors in the main room look Disney-esque to me.

Some works I like from the BMA’s contemporary art collection:

Mickalene Thomas, A Little Taste Outside of Love, 2007

Mickalene Thomas, A Little Taste Outside of Love, 2007

enamel and rhinestones on wood

enamel and rhinestones on painted wood

There is no artist statement with this.  I love the textures!

Hew Locke

Hew Locke, Koh-i-noor, 2005

Do you see the doll's head?

Can you spot the doll’s head?

This mixed-media sculpture of Queen Elizabeth explores the relationship between contemporary Britain and its colonial past.


Near the museum I passed Cafe Shane, which is now serving chicken and waffles.  That combo sounds nasty to moi, but I’m partial to the name (I mentioned earlier my real name isn’t Rose…hint hint).



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2 responses to “Target First Saturday

  1. William Wegman owns one of the 20 x 24 Polaroids. He shoots all of his dogs with them. I think it’s something crazy like $300 an exposure with that camera!

  2. roseofbohemia

    I love William Wegman! I met him when I was a child. He had the booth next to my father at Book Expo America (BEA). He autographed two children’s doggy fairy tale books and drew nice sketches of the dogs in each book. I also had a t-shirt from him w/ a photo of two dogs kissing, which was my favorite night shirt…I wonder what happened to it…humm.

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