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Tango in the Park (and other fun stuff)

Trying my first and last mint julip at the Pink House, Savannah (I was not a fan...bourbon is nasty!)

Trying my first and last mint julip at the Pink House, Savannah (I was not a fan…bourbon is nasty!)

Hi!  Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile.  I’ve been busy, but not doing a lot that I consider truly blog worthy.  After school ended I went on a trip with my mother to Savannah, GE and Charleston, NC.  Both cities were beautiful, but I couldn’t see myself living in either place (not that it was ever being considered…haha).  When we were in Savannah I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt out loud to my mother in the car b/c that is what we do when we travel.  We both loved it!  We visited a lot of the places mentioned in the book (sounds touristy, but it was fun). I am not going to blog any more about the trip b/c it was a while ago and I’m trying to focus on NYC activities, but I recommend visiting both cities if you have the chance.  On a somewhat related note, I am currently reading The City of Falling Angels (also by John Berendt) and I like it, but not as much as Midnight.  It is also making me want to be in Venice right now (actually I want to be in Venice all the time, but it’s making me want to be there more than usual).


Back to NYC – One of my classmates is a hardcore tango aficionado and she invited me to Saturday night tango in Central Park.  Every summer Saturday from 6-9 there is a huge free milanga (tango dance party) by the Shakespeare statue in the Literary Row (I think this is in the center of the Park and somewhere in the 60’s…it was a short walk from where I entered at 59th and 5th ave).  Even if you don’t dance it can be fun to watch the milanga.  However, at 7:30 there is a FREE beginner tango lesson, so there is no excuse not to try!


I attended the free lesson with another classmate.  He is very tall and I am very short so it was a little awkward, but we were instructed to switch partners after a few songs.  I was very impressed with the lesson, since I took beginner’s classes at Manhattan Dance a few years ago and the instructor was just as good (if not better) than the classes I paid for there.  My only complaint is that she didn’t get around to correcting my form.  This could be because I’m just sooo good (hah), but more likely because there were a lot of people.  However, free is free so I can’t complain and you can check out her website here.

Queuing up for the guilletine?

Queuing up for the guillotine?

I was going to blog about the Bastille Day celebration I attended on Smith Street in Brooklyn last week, but now I feel like outdated so I will just leave you with some photos instead.  For the past several years I have gone to the Alliance Francaise’s Bastille Day festival in Manhattan, but I am always disappointed b/c it’s the same food vendors for four blocks straight (like all street fairs in NYC).  The Smith St. party was so much better!  I went late on Sunday night and it seemed to be mostly people in their 20’s and 30’s and they were dancing in the streets.  There were also large lots of sand brought in for pétanque.  The dance party continued or flowed out of Bar Tabac, which is one of my favorite restaurants in BK for it’s atmosphere and live entertainment.

I was having issues w/ my flash, but as you can see the streets were get the idea

I was having issues w/ my flash, but as you can see the streets were packed…you get the idea




Bar Tabac was selling t-shirts.  They only had one size left and was too big, but I bought it anyway because I liked the design.  It’s my new favorite workout shirt.  It also makes me feel like a softball player 🙂


the back

the back

That’s about it for all of the fun in NYC.  I am enjoying my internship and only wishing the summer was longer!  I am also looking forward to visits from some of my favorite people in the coming weeks, so maybe I’ll post if I do anything interesting with them.  Hope you’re having a great summer!

p.s. I started a tumblr! (  I just repost articles/songs/photos that I like, but you should check it out if you are bored or want to know more about my interests…haha.

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