Smorgasburg: Williamsburg Redux

Yesterday I ventured out to Williamsburg again to check out Smorgasburg, an offshoot of the Brooklyn Flea Market featuring solely food vendors.  In a recent NYTimes article, the writer Oliver Strand described it best, stating, “SMORGASBURG, the open-air market held every Saturday in an empty lot on the Williamsburg waterfront, is like a summer rock festival for food: exciting, overwhelming, sweaty, hot. You’ll hit your limit, and then you’ll want more.”

When my cousin suggested we visit Smorgasburg, I was initially afraid the food market would be a bit boring compared to the traditional Brooklyn Flea, which features shopping and food.  However, the 50+ vendors selling artisanal, local, specialty foods provided more than enough entertainment.  Some of the food products were so stereotypically Brooklyn, they were funny (ex. home brewed beer pops, “grown in Brooklyn” locally made tempeh, etc.).  Many of the vendors gave out samples, which was appreciated.

Vendor selling Grady's Cold Brew Coffee

Friend with cold brew coffee, which was surprisingly good.

After a full walk through of the overwhelming selection, I decided upon fish tacos for lunch.  I ordered two cod tacos at Chonchos-Tacos, one fried and one grilled for $9 total.  Once again, out of excitement (and hunger) I forgot to photograph the tacos, but they looked cute.  The beer batter fried cod taco was definitely better than the grilled cod taco (surprise, surprise), but both were tasty.

At the gourmet hot dog stand, my cousin ordered a Vinh hot dog (bahn-mi style – picked carrots, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, aioli, pork pate), which she greatly enjoyed.

Gourmet Hot Dog Stand

Cousin Rachel and the dog

Two of my friends got drinks at the float stand, which featured unique floats consisting of fresh fruit, herbs, seltzer, vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet, and a pretzel.  I personally dislike vanilla ice cream, fruit sorbet, and pretzels, but I sampled the floats and both were refreshing/unusual.

Not your average float selection

Cousin Rachel and the "blueberry hill" float

I LOVE Arrested Development, so when I saw a real, live frozen banana stand, I knew what I was getting for dessert (‘there’s always money in the banana stand!”).  I ordered a frozen banana dipped in chocolate with sea salt and it did not disappoint.  $4 for the chocolate covered banana, plus $1 for the sea salt topping struck me as a high mark up, but in the heat, it was totally worth it.

Where's Michael Cera?



Banana stand photos by Rachel A.

In addition to enjoying the food at the market, my favorite part of the afternoon was walking around and subsequently sitting in the lovely East River Park.  The views of Manhattan were spectacular!  My group grew throughout the afternoon as we were joined by friends, and then unexpectedly by friends of friends that we bumped into in the park.  It was a perfect summer in the city afternoon of good food, relaxing with friends, meeting new people, and getting a change of scenery without traveling too far.


Spectacular view of Manhattan

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