South American Sunday

I know I promised a Paris recap and I will write that up shortly, but I’m going to start with something more immediate.  Today I went on a full family outing to the Red Hook Soccer Fields.  On the weekends, the Red Hook Soccer Fields are known for the Latin American food trucks that are parked around the fields.  There are trucks from different South and Central American countries, each featuring specialties such as tacos, pupusas, and ceviche.  A couple trucks only sell drinks, the most popular being fresh fruit juice and horchata (rice milk w/ vanilla and cinnamon).

Upon arrival I did a walk around with my mother and bought a horchata at one of the drink trucks.  The horchata was $2.50 and delicious!

My cousin had been before and recommended the Salvadorian pupusa truck, which not so coincidentally had the longest line.  For those not in the know (I’ll admit, I wasn’t), pupusas are handmade corn tortillas that are fried and stuffed with cheese and other fillings.  I ordered the pupusa platter, which came with two pupusas and pickeled cabbage, covered in a mysterious (but tasty) white sauce.  From a long list of fillings, I selected spinach/cheese and zucchini/cheese.

I was impressed that the pupusas were made fresh right in front of us.  There was also a decent amount of vegetables inside and the platter was rather large for only $5.  However, the pupusas were too fried/cheesy for my liking.   The pickled cabbage and horchata were by far the best parts of the meal.

Once again, I forgot to take the photo pre-tasting...oops.

Overall, the experience of sitting at the picnic tables next to the fields with my family was so lovely that it made up for the fact that I wasn’t crazy about the main part of my meal.  Red Hook isn’t exactly scenic, but I felt like I went somewhere different, which is always nice on the weekends.  I would recommend the Red Hook food trucks, but probably not the pupusas.

Girls playing on the fields

p.s. Check back Friday for Paris post 1!


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