Back to School: Bumble and bumble University

I recently got a free blow dry at Bumble and bumble’s hair school, Bb. University, as part of the Bb. U Model Project.  All services at the Bb. U Model Project are free of charge.  Models also receive a $10 product credit for each styling session they attend, so I was excited to not only get a free blow dry, but also Bb. products to try!

Models checking in at the reception desk

Bb. University is located in a large industrial space in the Meat Packing District.  Upon entering, I was impressed by the sleekness of the facilities and the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offered stunning views of the surrounding area.  The school was actually fancier than most salons!

Views of the MPD

In order to enroll in the Bb. U Model Project, potential models must attend a model call, where their hair type is assessed to determine if they are appropriate for upcoming classes.  If so, the models can get free haircuts and/or styles (Bb. University also offers free coloring, but models have to get a free haircut first).


After my assessment, I was offered the Long Layers Razor cut and several styling services such as a Round Brush Blow Dry, Flat Brush Blow Dry, or an Updo.  I opted for a Round Brush Blow Dry, since I usually have my hair blown out with a flip at the end.

Upon arriving for my styling session, I was given a Hairmiles Booklet and one Hairmiles sticker as part of the Hairmiles Frequent Stylers Club, which is an incentive program that rewards models with Bb. product credits once they accumulate enough Hairmiles.

Models awaiting the start of class at Bb. University

At the beginning of the class/styling session, I met with an educator (a Bb. stylist) and my student stylist, Paula, who evaluated and discussed my hair type.  Paula was friendly and also very experienced, since all of the students at Bb. University are licensed hair professionals with a minimum of two years experience (the program is the equivalent of graduate school for hair professionals).  Paula works at an upscale salon in the South and was visiting NYC to attend the two-day styling workshop.

Paula washed my hair, blow-dried it, and then methodically wrapped it in loops and pinned them around my head.  While I have had my hair blown out many times, I have never experienced such an intricate procedure.  The process was longer than I am used to (about 1.5 hours), but at the end result was the most voluminous hair I’ve ever had.

the process

I don’t think the after photo shows just how full and glamorous it was…I felt like I was ready for the Oscars!


At the end of the session Paula wrote down Bb. product recommendations for my hair type and notes on how to use them.

The only downside to the Bb. U Model Project is that I had to wait between my assessment and my styling session, since the Round Brush Blow Dry class was not offered for several weeks (however, I did receive emails whenever there were openings for other styling sessions).  On a related note, Bb. U is only open during weekday business hours, so the program works best for people with flexible schedules.

Based upon the price (free!), the professional level of styling, the gorgeous facilities, and the incentives program, I would definitely recommend participating in the Bb. U Model Project.  I look forward to trying more styles and maybe even a cut in the future!

If you are interested in participating in the Bb. U Model Project, please visit for more information.  Happy styling!


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4 responses to “Back to School: Bumble and bumble University

  1. Joyce Heiberger

    Shane…you are one in a million! Ad you look GORGEOUS! xoxo

  2. Hello, Gorgeous! Wish I lived closer to one of these schools!

  3. Melissa

    You look so very pretty! Lovely locks!

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