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12 Days in Paris: Day 12…Le Fin!

Monica and I started our last day at the botanical gardens.  The gardens were free, but underwhelming, so much so that I didn’t deem them photo-worthy.  I noticed a lot of joggers and I think it would be a lovely place to work out, but New York’s botanical gardens are far more impressive.  After strolling around, Monica and I went to the cafe at the Great Mosque, since I liked it so much when Véronique and Jacqueline took me and it was right down the block.  The courtyard was full, so we sat in the front garden, which was equally lovely.  I ordered the pink almond pastry again and of course mint tea.

We ordered pastries from this nice man and then waiters came around with trays of mint tea

Repeat pink almond pastry and sweet mint tea

Monica in the front garden

I visited a lot of stores during the trip, but I was waiting until the end to make most of my purchases because I wanted to make sure I had seen everything.  After tea, we walked to the very crowded Marais, since it was the only neighborhood where stores are open on Sundays (making up for the fact that many of them are closed on Saturday for Shabbat).  Place des Vosges was extra crowded because it was the day of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s (DSK) first homecoming, which certainly dates this post…hehe.  DSK was expected momentarily so there were large crowds and media crews spilling into the street at the front entrance of his apartment.  Later we saw more paparazzis at the surprisingly plain back entrance.

Crowds outside DSK's apartment

Media crews

Paparazzi's at the back entrance

Monica and I met up with Véronique and Jacqueline and then shopped.  My favorite purchase was a pair of purple Bensimon sneakers, which are considered the French Converse.

Bensimon's = the French Converse

That night we had a lovely dinner at home with my family friends who hosted us.  One of our friends took us to the trendy Hôtel du Nord for a farewell drink, and though I didn’t take a photo, I enjoyed the company and the bar’s classic decor.  The next day I left early in the morning to return to NYC….

Packed and dressed in my travel uniform with only one bag more than I came with...I think I travel light.

Please check back tomorrow for an extra special Paris post!


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