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Empire State of Mind

Last week my family and I ventured outside of NYC for fall themed day trip.  We drove a little over an hour before arriving at our primary destination.

One of many flags along the Hudson River Valley

Pumpkins galore!

Our first stop was for apple picking at Stuart’s Farm in Granite Springs, NY, which is the oldest apple orchard in Westchester County.  The farm has been run by the Stuart family for six generations.  Stuarts sells empty bags for $10. or $25. and you can rent sticks for a refundable $20., which is necessary to get the best (large) apples.


My cousin Shula is the tallest and strongest person in our family, so she did most of the picking, while I took photos.

Shula in action

My mother and I with our apple bag

We bought the $25. bag, which we were told could hold up to 55 apples.  I didn’t count, but that’s probably not far off from what we collected.  I foresee some apple baking experimentation in the future!  We brought lunch from home and ate on picnic tables next to the fields.  We also stopped at Stuart’s bakery and bought apple cider donuts, which were delicious!

The nice man who ran the bakery took this photo for me of the donut machine behind the counter

the finished product

After lunch, we visited the farm store, which sold beautiful, brightly colored produce.

Jacko and the star attraction, apples!

Jacko eyeing the nectarines.

Carnival squash

Signs of fall

We also admired the old machinery on Stuart’s grounds:

An antique gas filling station

A vintage tractor

After Stuarts, we proceeded up the Hudson River  to Cold Spring, NY (not to be confused with Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island).  Cold Spring is a small, quaint town with lots of 19th century architecture.  The town is known for antique shops, which line Main Street.  We visited one and found it rather overpriced.  I think they know their clientele (ahemm…tourists from NYC).

Flags are very popular in the Hudson River Valley

Colorful leaves

Nice architecture in Cold Spring

We walked to the lookout point at the end of Main Street, which has STUNNING views of the Hudson River Valley.  This concluded our time upstate, but on the way home we stopped at the Japanese mall in New Jersey, which was so interesting it merits its own post (coming soon!).

Lookout from Cold Spring (Storm King Mountain)

Note – for those who do not have access to a car, Cold Spring is about an hour and a half by Metro-North train from NYC.

ADDENDUM – Shula baked us this lovely apple galette!

Apple galette

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