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Shabbat in Jerusalem: Israel – Day 3

I slept late, since it was officially the day of rest (I was also extremely tired because we woke up early the previous day to visit as much as possible before Shabbat and I had not recovered from the jetlag).  After eating our food from Mahane Yehuda for brunch, we walked to the Israel Museum, which is the country’s premiere art museum.  We bought tickets online in advance, since we knew we wanted to go over Shabbat.  The museum has been renovated since I was there as a teen and it is now a super impressive modern complex.  We started by visiting the famous sculpture garden.

Robert Indiana’s Ahava (Love) Sculpture at the Israel Museum

There was a remarkable miniature model of the Old City in the garden.  Inside the museum, we saw a fascinating exhibit on the Hasidic community called A World Apart Next Door.  The multi-media exhibit was comprised of large-scale photos, clothing, video footage, Judiaca, etc.  I hope it travels outside of Israel because it was very interesting and informative.  I also loved seeing the museum’s historic synagogue sanctuaries, relocated from Germany, Italy, India, and Suriname, though their presence was a little sad, since they are from towns where Jewish life is no longer thriving.  We also visited the museum’s costume collection and the outstanding archeological collection.

Israel Museum

Before leaving we stopped at the gift shop, which was having a “Black Friday” sale.  Oh, how they know their clientele.

Oh, how they know their clientele.

Israel Museum Shop

After dinner on Ben Yehuda Street, we went to Kadosh Cafe, which is a French restaurant that is known for its baked on-site pastries.  I ordered the chocolate porcupine because it was so cute and Shula got berry cheesecake.  Everything was delicious!

Kadosh Cafe

Porcupine dessert

I found the sugar packets at the restaurant amusing:

Heros of Israel

At another restaurant, we saw sugar packets with photos of places in Israel, so I guess theme sugar packets are a popular thing there?

Famous places in Israel

On the way home, we stopped by the Mirror Bar at the Mamilla Hotel for a night-cap, which was my favorite nightlife experience in Jerusalem.  The bar had a diverse mix of people and a great DJ, who played hip-hop, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse.  We headed back to the hotel to prepare for our excursion to Tel Aviv the next day.


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