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Adventures in Williamsburg

Rose Live Music

Rose Live Music

Last night I attended a poetry reading at the Rose Live Music bar in Williamsburg.  The reading was part of the Ear Shot Reading series, which selects MFA poetry students from different graduate programs to share their work.  The bar was nice and the $5. cover charge included a free drink, which I thought was a good deal.  I didn’t find the talent levels to be equal, but one of the poets was great, and I’m impressed by anyone who gets up and shares such personal work.  After the reading a jazz band performed, which was excellent.

After the bar we went to Foodswings, which is a vegan fast food restaurant.  I had already had dinner, but I tried some of my friend’s fries and a cookies and cream milkshake.  The chalk signs listed the names of many variations of fries (ex. mariachi fries), but the counter person was not too enthusiastic about describing the differences.  My friend ordered the “cheese” fries.  I thought they tasted weird, but I’m not a huge fan of cheese in general so vegan cheese is even less appealing.  Everyone else liked them.  The milkshake was awesome though!  I am curious to know what the base was because it didn’t taste anything like soy milk (maybe it was another nondairy replacement or the cookies just masked the taste?).  The cheese fries were $3.50 and the milkshake was $4.25.  Fast food is not one of my preferred cuisines, but I could definitely see how Foodswings has a certain appeal for the vegan crowd, and the atmosphere was fun.

295 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-1919




Monica and the milkshake

I am a huge Smith's fan, so I had to take a photo with their poster

I love the Smiths!


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